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Joo JiHoon Confesses His Feelings To Fans

Joo JiHoon Confesses His Feelings To Fans

Last August, Joo Ji Hoon had been caught red handed using drugs.He had been sentenced to one year of probation and 120 hours of community service. Now, he decides that it is time to express his feeling to his fans. On September 7th, Joo Ji Hoon decided to express his feelings through his homepage to his fans.

“I feel many changes of emotions as I’m thinking what to say first. After my words of goodbye before, here I am again greeting you guys after the passing of two seasons. As usual, I’m living fine, listening well and watching well. I wanted to live confidently and straight forward, but I know that with my mistake I left pain and showed a weak side of me at the end as well. My heart was hurting, and I felt bad. I’m keeping everything that you guys have told me and sent me deeply in my heart. Now that the past had faded, I write these words as I’m looking forward to the day I will show the future side of me. I love you all and miss you as well.”

Started in August, Joo Ji Hoon spent his time doing community service with the elderly and the disabled 8 hours each day and finished his 120 hours of community service. Currently he is at his home and planning to enter the army later this year.

source: kbites

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Ji hoon Oppa, semangat terus yaw....!!!

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